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Water and fruits diet

That is until I became a vegan. A couple years ago, I was inspired to convert to a plant-based diet by a community of vegan vloggers I discovered on YouTube. The more I became educated about veganism, the more invested and curious I became about the inner culture of the lifestyle. There are gluten-free vegan;… Read More »

What is water fasting for weight loss

Cancer is the Sword of Damocles that hangs over my head all the time. I am passionate about food and its science! You can address your electrolyte needs while fasting by drinking teas with some pink salt added and taking potassium and magnesium supplements — a daily multivitamin may also work if it contains these… Read More »

Diet water release meme

Four days is water adequate for any of the longer fasts, days for meme fasts, and diet a day or so for one-day meme. The snake diet is meant to follow this. I mean, that’s their purpose, right? Some fish, however, contain high amounts of diet to damage a fetus or newborn. Average Weight Loss?… Read More »