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TikTok’s Viral ‘Kink Test’ Can Help You Learn What Kind of BDSM You’re Into

B2M ProductionsGetty Images Unlike that dangerous “scalp popping” situation, the “kink test” is a TikTok trend we’re more than happy to get behind. TikTok users are taking a free online test to discover exactly what kinds of BDSM they’re into, and sharing the results on the social media platform. In doing so, they’re not only… Read More »

‘I should have sought help years earlier when I was having suicidal thoughts – but I was hiding from failure’

Many people use the term lightly, but depression affects one in 10 of us at any given time and can severely impact the way we feel, think and behave. ware’s mental health awareness campaign finishes on Sunday, which is World Mental Health Day, aiming to shine a light on the reality of living with depression and help… Read More »

UK Cyber Security Council launches first two initiatives to help develop the profession

Vital groundwork to be laid ahead of Membership launch in September LONDON – June 29th 2021 – The new UK Cyber Security Council has instigated its first two initiatives, under its mandate from the Government to develop the cyber security profession. The Council has invited the 16 members of the Cyber Security Alliance – the… Read More »

5 top cyber hygiene tips to help organizations stay ahead of cyberthreats

Telling IT teams to patch vulnerabilities faster when they are already strapped for time may not help organizations get ahead of the increasing cyberthreat landscape. Similar to how an individual would not go to the dentist only once their teeth began falling out, an organization should not wait until a breach to get serious about… Read More »