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Covid appears to be the ‘Achilles’ heel’ for Southeast Asian economies, says Jefferies

SINGAPORE — The failure to contain Covid infections is impeding the recovery of many Southeast Asian economies, says Sean Darby from Jefferies. “Indonesia, like many of the ASEAN economies, has yet to really get to grips with the Covid-19 virus,” Darby, global head of equity strategy at the U.S. investment bank, told CNBC’s “Squawk Box… Read More »

How it appears in media the zone diet

One-third of your plate should be filled with lean proteins like skinless chicken, turkey, and fish. When making a Zone meal our general recommendations are to aim for one that is under 12 grams of fat with 25 grams of protein, about 35 grams of net carbs total carbohydrates minus fiber and approximately calories or… Read More »