Side effects of ketogenic diet

By | September 8, 2020

side effects of ketogenic diet

The low-carb, high-fat plan promises quick weight loss, but health experts worry about these side effects and complications. The ketogenic diet—also known as the “keto diet” or just “keto”—has become the latest big thing in weight-loss plans, touted recently by celebs like Jenna Jameson, Mama June, and Halle Berry. The diet involves cutting way back on carbohydrates, to 50 grams a day or less, to help the body achieve a state of ketosis, in which it has to burn fat rather than sugar for energy. Animal studies have also suggested that the diet may have anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and cancer-fighting benefits, as well. But as a general weight-loss plan, keto is more controversial. Here are a few things you should know about the ketogenic diet before you try it as a way to lose weight. Yes, you might drop pounds, but you should also watch out for the following side effects or complications. You may be able to minimize the effects of keto flu by drinking plenty of water and getting plenty of sleep. Axe, who sells keto-related supplements on his website, also recommends incorporating natural energy sources to battle fatigue, like matcha green tea, organic coffee, or adaptogenic herbs. Yes, people are tweeting about keto diarrhea.

Close Share options. It simply takes time for your body to shift from burning sugar to burning primarily fat for energy, including your muscles. Use the links below to learn more: Constipation. According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, these people include those living with the following conditions. Read ingredient labels and avoid any food with partially hydrogenated oils, aka trans fats. Many people begin the keto diet because they wish to lose weight. Why a low-carb ancestral diet is beneficial — and how to formulate it correctly. A good rule of thumb is to drink a minimum of 2. A review of the evidence of statin use in primary prevention showed that after 5 years, no lives were saved by statins and 1 in people were prevented from having a heart attack, while 1 in 50 developed diabetes and 1 in 10 developed muscle damage Thennt.

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Side effects of ketogenic diet agree with told

Are you struggling while starting out on a low-carb or keto diet? Do you get headaches, leg cramps, constipation or any of the other more common side effects? Use the information on this page to avoid them — and feel great while losing weight. The main way to relieve these symptoms may be to increase your intake of water and salt to replace what your body is losing. It commonly occurs during the first week or two, often starting on days 2 through 4. Symptoms include headaches, feeling tired, lack of motivation, nausea and lethargy. The even better news is that you can possibly avoid these symptoms altogether by consuming adequate water, salt, and fat on day 1. Therefore, it makes sense that paying attention to hydration and electrolytes can help prevent it from occurring. You can potentially prevent, or at least minimize, many side effects by adding enough water and salt to replace what you lose when beginning a keto or low-carb diet. This may reduce or eliminate side effects within minutes.

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